All EU VAT registered businesses are required to produce VAT invoices for their sales, in paper or electronic form.

Though each EU member state has different requirements when it comes to information in these invoices, the following are common among them - 

  • The date of issue of the invoice. 
  • An invoice number that’s unique and sequential. 
  • Seller’s VAT identification number.
  • Consumer’s VAT identification number (in case the consumer is liable to pay tax on the supply)
  • VAT rate applied.
  • Total amount payable. 
  • Full name and address of the seller and the consumer
  • Date of supply of the goods or services if it’s different from the invoice date. 
  • Consumer’s full name and address.
  • Description of goods supplied and services rendered.



If the invoice value does not exceed EUR 100, a simplified invoice can be issued by taxable entities, it must include the following - 

  • Date of issue
  • VAT amount owed 
  • Nature of goods supplied or services rendered
  • Information on identity of the seller